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I have several problems with this image. For one I dont appreciate you taking pictures of pieces of pizza and not send some over to HOL...


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I have a few comic ideas and I feel like I wanna share the story ideas, the reason is because 1: if I have it written down somewhere its easier to work on it. 2:I just like sharing it with you guys.

The first one I wanna work on is about a corrupted cop. The situation takes place in a even more corrupted future where the only green in sight is the radioactive leak from the sewers.

It starts of with a weak geeky guy named Don who is "friendzoned" by a girl he likes. She asks him to do errands all the time with no reward, much less a thank you. One day she tells her friends shes become tired of him following her around like a puppy, her friends tell her about an undercover cop dealing drugs in order to arrest criminals red-handed, wich is where their sceam to get rid of Donny starts.

The next day Donny does his usual errands to prepare for her crush, such as doing her dirty laundry, making her lunch, buy her coffee and polish her shoes. She tells him to do one last thing for him when they meet up; she tells him about a family member from who has some goodies out of europe from her, all he has to do is pick it up for her and she'll reward him by being his "schmoochie pie"

He meets up a thug-looking guy in the alley, a rugged man with bad hygiene, cheap cologne, and tattoos all over his body, in other words; the average european guy. The naive fool comes up to this so called "family member" of his crush and asks if he has the goods, at first the dealer act poch and asks what kind of goodies he is talking about, Donny replies saying "The goodies from europe" The dealer grins "Oh yeah, I got the goodies right... here..." Without any warning Donny feels himself getting shrunk the the size of a mere few inches, wearing what seems to be a priston uniform. 

Finally Donnie's little love-struck brain understands whats happening, he sees the hologram of a man disapear and in its place is a curvy cop lady, who starts to patronise him even more. "Yeah, thats right buster I'm a cop!" (South park reference, lol) "So you want the good stuff, eh? Well have some supreme crack right here" she says as she slaps her large jiggly bum, wich he could smell all the way where he was.

Before the guy has a chance to get a way the cop picks him up and proceeds to guide him to his "priston" wich is the depths of her sweaty crack. Donny cries out, trying to convince the cop that this was all just a big mistake and that he never broke the law in his life, not even a stolen candy. Afcourse being a corrupted world the cop doesnt bother to listen or even look into his resume. He is trapped in the thight walls of her crack, where she flexed her buttcheecks tightly, making sure his bones will crumble in there. 

Headstrong Donny doesnt give up, he screams for justice, threatening a lawsuit. However this cops hates "criminals" especially the ones who dare to think they have rights in their current situation. she slips out a wet rippling fart that ended up gassing up the entire ally, she fans the gas away from her face "Phew, when did I have eggs?" she said. She proudly strolled out of the alley, feeling good for ridding the streets from this common thug. She gets into her car where she lets another few farts rip, the stench was so insane that she had to roll down her window and poke her head out, phew! There was no end to her gas. "And thats the only air you're worth breathing scum!" as she acknowladges the existence of the poor misunderstood boy before he would be turned into a tiny slave to this curvy cop. 

His priston was her asscrack now, where he would spend all his days if he wasnt busy cleaning her toilets, being her seat, and massaging her feet. Remember, being a junkie gets you in for life.

The next one is very similair. Its about about a boy with a name that nobody cares about, because everyone just calls him "Bug" on a count of him being as small as a bug

Bug lives with his stepmother and stepsister who just dont see him as a worthy family member, so instead degrade him to be other things. Afcourse his step-family arent the only woman mistreating this poor little fella.

This takes place in kind of a 60's vibe, but with a more feminist ideal. 

Bug has been with his step-mother Yolonda and step-sister Erika for as long as he can remember. His family already started discriminating him for his size at an early age, where his step sister (who is 2 years younger than him) already tried to crush him with her toys, Bug would often have to defend himself by shooting a nerf gun with foam tips at her, Erika would often cry to her mother, despite that the nerf gun dint hurt her. (Gee its almost as if she purposly wanted him to hit her) Afcourse being a good mother she had to punish the pest, wich she did by having him scrub the toilets, wich in his tiny size, and mothers greusome monster bowels would take more than all day!

He grew up being some sort of a cinderella, he had to do all the chores in the house, cook the dinner, and attend to any other need that Yolanda and Erika had. Soon thanksgiving came, Bug was excited, he was never able to be at thanksgiving dinner as his Mother and Sister would always go out to eat and keep him home to finish his chores, however this time they decided to hold a thanksgiving dinner at home. 

Erika got to invite her friends, and Yolanda would invite her bussiness affairs, and afcourse the head of the school (Who was also known for mistreating the tiny Bug)

His sister doesnt approve of Bug being at the Thanksgiving dinner, she'll have her friends over and all that pest will do is emberass her! Mother sees where shes coming from as she doesnt want her bussiness friends to be bothered by the likes of that bug. He angrily protests "You promised that I was allouwed to be there at the thanksgiving dinner! Dont tell me you'd go back on your promise, mother." He said. Yolanda started thinking, she DID promise him.....

Soon thanksgiving was here and we would see Erika with her friends, and Yolanda with her geusts enjoying their delicious dinner, it was a feast to remember! But Bug was nowhere to be found... Did mother really go back on her word? After a long day of enjoying a turkey meal, dancing, and chatting with her friends the sweat Yolanda could finally call it a day and see her geusts out. "Phew what a day..." she said as she lifted her leg and let out a wet long fart blast "Mother never goes down on her word, sweety, you got to join us for dinner and you even get your fair share of...Uhng.... Turkey" she said ripping another fart out, this one even longer and wetter than the first. Turns out she dint go back on her word afterall! Bug was there the whole time, in mother deep crack, where her tight spandex kept him put, and afcourse keeping in all the stinky fart smell! 

She'd fan her face and sigh, not even those tight spandex can keep in THAT much farting! "Dont think that just because you got to join us for thanksgiving dinner you dont have to do any more chores, for the whole night you get to enjoy your part of the turkey but you have to clean this mess the next morning. 

End of the first story (This comic comes in different story parts but the same characters)

I'll edit this journal soon and add more stories, so just keep an eye on it everyday. Also I know the first two stories are very similair in the theme, but as I write more stories it'll have more of buttcrush, feet and even scat in it. 

Like I said just keep an eye out for updates.


Current Residence: Rotterdam
Favourite genre of music: Industrial
Favourite style of art: Surrealistic
Operating System: Windows 7 profesional
MP3 player of choice: Itunes
Favourite cartoon character: Peppercat
Personal Quote: I like to draw, chubby female gianteses!

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